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Meet Mary

 A Entrepreneur, Soared in car sales exceeding all expectations! Single mother,  engaged 2 adult children  Steven Jr. and Deonna and  4 beautiful grandchildren.  I create voice overs & Live Production!

Mary The Car Sales Lady is a young entrepreneur from the inner city who faces a daily challenge in a field that is dominated by men. While battling the ups and downs of the car sales industry & representing seven different dealerships, she was destined to keep & to work hard while building a successful brand in the industry! Being educated in a field where education was lacking.Mary felt that it was imperative for people to know & understand their credit! Mary is filled with compassion which makes it easy to work with people & guide them down the road to rebuilding their credit! She learned that a lot of people were afraid to walk into a dealership & feel pressured by the sales guy. She shares with the world any direction  they can take to repair their credit. Mary is a sponsor of the David Peaston Foundation and St.Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Mary is spiritual and filled with compassion. Mary The Car Sales Lady. She just doesn't sell cars! She cares!

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The greatest car sales lady around! Go see her, she'll get you rolling! Tell her I sent cha!

Robyn Robinson

Valued Customer

 I was so inspired by Mary. My husband needed a vehicle so we gave her a try! This was the most pleasant and fun experience i ever had buying a car! She addressed all of our concerns. From the app,pulling credit, test drive, delivery to closing of the deal.  Mary is changing lives one car at a time!

Mrs. Renay Jones

Valued Customer

Ms. Mary was the best Sales lady i ever met. She was patient, she got me my dream car for my very first car! As she says she doesn't just sale cars, she cares and thats the truth. She cared about everything i wanted and she gave me exactly what i came for.

Andrikka Camp

Valued Customer


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