Meet Mary

Soared in car sales exceeding all expectations! 

​Mary The Car Sales Lady is a young entrepreneur from the inner city who faces a daily challenge in a field that is dominated by men. While battling the ups and downs of the car sales industry & representing ten different dealerships, she was destined to keep pushing & to work hard while building a successful brand in the industry! Being educated in a field where education was lacking. Mary felt the need to educate the community! Mary is filled with compassion which makes her uniquely different from the sales guys! Mary is easy to work with and guided

car buyers down the road to a successful car purchasing while sharing with the world any information that helps build and rebuild credit. Mary contributed to the growth because she just didnt sell cars. She cares! 

Mary is bringing her passion and compassion to promoting major corporations, business owners, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, churches, designers, artists, musicians, and events.

Trust your intuition and success will follow